Case Studies


You can view actual case studies that demonstrate how the new science and new insights derived from molecular medicine are used in clinical practice. These cases are illustrative of how gene-based information is being utilized to understand each person's individual requirements for the maintenance of their health, early diagnosis of disease, prognosis, and targeted therapy tailored to their genetic uniqueness.

We continually add new case studies that show, fundamentally, how using information in the field of molecular medicine (e.g., genomics, proteomics, metabolomics), enhances our understanding of cancer and chronic disease and positively impacts patient care.

Increasingly, the use of molecular medicine will give us the ability to move beyond practicing medicine that works well for the majority of people the majority of the time, to practicing medicine that is becoming individualized for specific patients.


The people depicted in the photos above are models and are being used for illustrative purposes only. The information presented is based on individual patient case studies.