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The body of substantive research and scientific literature continues to grow at an astonishing rate, further validating the association between molecular biomarkers and clinical outcomes for various cancers and complex diseases. These observations are the foundation of our biomarker testing assays.

Our BioStrat® assays utilize advanced molecular profiling analyses to provide a more detailed molecular “signature” of a patient’s tumor or disease as an aid to the treating clinician. The comprehensive report provides information on unique molecular targets present and also describes potential associated diagnostic, prognostic, therapeutic, and surveillance considerations from the literature.

Through advanced DNA and/or protein analysis, BioStrat® assays typically identify multiple unique genetic alterations and protein expressions in each patient’s tumor. Additionally, BioStrat® assays provide information on associated management strategies, including both standard of care and non-standard of care associations, which may potentially have greater efficacy or be avoided if these biomarkers are present based on research publications and clinical studies.

Given the rapid pace of discoveries of biomarkers and their associations with management strategies, BioStrat® assays are constantly evolving to incorporate the most current research findings. The clinicians who request BioStrat® assays are encouraged to collaborate with BioVantra’s Translational Genomics Team, whereby they can offer insight into their experiences with the assay as well as request research into new biomarkers and therapeutic associations. Additionally, in certain circumstances, BioStrat® assays may be accessed through our ongoing clinical trials.

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