Translational Genomics

Genomics and Disease

Genomic medicine is becoming an increasingly important part of clinical practice. The completion of the Human Genome Project and the development of new, innovative molecular biotechnologies have accelerated our understanding of the disease process, impacting our ability to assess individual patient risk, diagnose, determine prognosis, and to treat.

With genomics, it is possible to evaluate the unique biology of each patient's disease and to predict the likely course of the disease for that individual. In turn, this information makes it possible for physicians and patients to help individualize a management plan, which may potentially improve patient outcomes.

BioVantra "translates" (or applies) observations from molecular genetics research studies to clinical practice bridging the gap between lab bench discoveries and the patient bedside. Under the leadership or our physician scientists and researchers, we continually endeavor to make leading-edge advances in genomic medicine that will impact patient care.