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Histopathology And Cytology

BioVantra offers reliable, best-in-class histopathology and cytology services powered by the Lumea platform. Our integrative pathology solutions approach allows urologists to personalize the care of each patient. 


Prostate Biopsy

  1. BxBoard/BxChip
    • Streamlined tissue collection and management
    • Tissue orientation and integrity are maintained
    • Improved detection rate
  2. Customized biopsy schemes and reporting
    • Transrectal and transperineal
    • mpMRI / US fusion targeted biopsy
  3. Simplified and standardized ancillary test ordering
    • ConfirmMDx
    • Oncotype DX
    • Decipher Prostate Biopsy
    • Prolaris


  1. Prostate FNA
    • Diagnosis
    • Cancer stratification
    • Surrogate for saturation biopsy
    • Tumor stage confirmation
      1. Active surveillance
      2. Targeted therapy
  2. Urine cytology
    • Hematuria evaluation
    • Bladder cancer surveillance